OpenDNSSEC 1.2.0b1

Version 1.2.0b1 of OpenDNSSEC has now been released.


  • A new signer engine, written in c. Zones are maintained in memory, instead of in files on disk.
  • Removed the python and python-4suite-xml dependencies.
  • Remove separate autoconf for libhsm/conf/enforcer.
  • Add option to disable building the signer.
  • Signer logs statistics just after outputting a new signed zone.
  • libhsm will skip processing (and not create) any public keys if the per repository option <SkipPublicKey/> is set.
  • Keysharing improved – keys can now exist in different states on each zone that the key is in use for.
  • Backup prepare/commit/rollback added for 2-step backups without taking the enforcer offline.
  • Standby keys are now optional (default to 0) and should be considered experimental.


  • Fix semantics of refresh value in Signer Engine.
  • Auditor handles chains of empty nonterminals correctly.
  • Recalculate salt immediately if the saltlength is changed.
  • libhsm connected to slot 0 if the token label was not found. An error is now returned instead of connecting to the slot.
  • Bugreport #102: Removed the obsoleted python-4suite-xml dependency.
  • Fixed Known Issue: KSK rollover requires manual timing.
  • Fixed Known Issue: Key rollover and reuse of signatures.
  • Fixed Known Issue: Issue with sharing keys and adding zones.
  • Fixed Known Issue: Quicksorter does not allow certain owner name. (Quicksorter is removed, signer now reads and sorts the zone).

Known issue:

  • Auditor cannot verify zone containing RP or DNAME RR. Fixed in dnsruby trunk. Will be included in dnsruby v1.51

Download the source from our repository:
svn co
cd OpenDNSSEC-1.2.0b1/
make install

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