Welcome to OpenDNSSEC

The OpenDNSSEC project announces the development of Open Source software that manages the security of domain names on the Internet. The project intends to drive adoption of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) to further enhance Internet security.

The latest news about OpenDNSSEC can be found below!

SoftHSM 2.1.0

Version 2.1.0 of SoftHSM has been released.


  • Issue #136: Improved guide and build scripts for Windows. (Thanks to Jaroslav Imrich)
  • Issue #144: The password prompt in softhsm2-util can now be interrupted (ctrl-c).
  • Issue #166: Add slots.removable config option. (Patch from Sumit Bose)
  • Issue #180: Windows configure script improvements. (Patch from Arnaud Grandville)

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #128: Prioritize the return values in C_GetAttributeValue. (Patch from Nicholas Wilson
  • Issue #129: Fix errors reported by Visual Studio 2015. (Patch from Jaroslav Imrich)
  • Issue #132: Handle the CKA_CHECK_VALUE correctly for certificates and symmetric key objects.
  • Issue #154: Fix the Windows build and destruction order of objects. (Patch from Arnaud Grandville)
  • Issue #162: Not possible to create certificate objects containing CKA_CERTIFICATE_CATEGORY, CKA_NAME_HASH_ALGORITHM, or CKA_JAVA_MIDP_SECURITY_DOMAIN.
  • Do not attempt decryption of empty byte strings. (Patch from Michal Kepien)
  • Issue #165: Minor changes after a PVS-Studio code analysis, and C_EncryptUpdate crash if no ciphered data is produced. (Patch from Arnaud Grandville)
  • Issue #169: One-byte buffer overflow in call to EVP_DecryptUpdate.
  • Issue #171: Problem while closing library that is initialized but improperly finalized.
  • Issue #173: Adjust return values for the template parsing.
  • Issue #174: C_DeriveKey() error with leading zero bytes.
  • Issue #177: CKA_NEVER_EXTRACTABLE set to CK_FALSE on objects created with C_CreateObject.
  • Issue #182: Resolve compiler warning. (Patch from Josh Datko)
  • Issue #184: Stop discarding the global OpenSSL libcrypto state. (Patch from Michal Trojnara)
  • SOFTHSM-123: Fix library cleanup on BSD.



OpenDNSSEC 1.4.9

Version 1.4.9 of OpenDNSSEC has now been released.


The main motivations for this release are bug fixes related to use cases with large number of zones (more than 50 zones) in combination with an XFR based setup. Too much concurrent zone transfers causes new transfers to be held back. These excess transfers however were not properly scheduled for later.

No migration steps needed when upgrading from OpenDNSSEC 1.4.8.


  • Add TCP waiting queue. Fix signer getting ‘stuck’ when adding many zones at once. Thanks to Håvard Eidnes to bringing this to our attention.
  • OPENDNSSEC-723: received SOA serial reported as on disk.
  • Fix potential locking issue on SOA serial.
  • Crash on shutdown. At all times join xfr and dns handler threads.
  • Make handling of notifies more consistent. Previous implementation would bounce between code paths.


Algorithm Rollover in OpenDNSSEC 1.3

Changing signature algorithms in DNSSEC is a different process than normal key rollovers. OpenDNSSEC currently does not support performing rolls to another algorithm. The only safe way to do it would be to retract your DS record and go insecure for a short while. However, we now worked out a way to do an algorithm rollover with OpenDNSSEC 1.3 while keeping the zone properly signed and without the need to take the signer daemon offline. Service downtime should not be needed.