OpenDNSSEC 2.1.0

Version 2.1.0 of OpenDNSSEC has been released on 2017-02-22.


OpenDNSSEC 2.1 development was focused on improving the daemon code for the Signer and Enforcer. As such it is much more a steady incremental improvement rather than revolutionary. With this style of development we hope that a migration from 1.4, for which an end-of-life is to be given, is facilitated.

Many of these changes are not directly visible but improve the handling and responsiveness or unify the Signer and Enforcer code bases. These improvements are not all mentioned in the issue list below because of their detail. Attention has been given to different roll-over methods and we now test fully with SoftHSMv2.


There are no migration steps needed from 2.0.x to 2.1.0. Version 1.4.10 can be migrated directly to 2.1.0 (see MIGRATION text file in tarball). Any version prior to 1.4.10 should upgrade to 1.4.10 first.


  • OPENDNSSEC-779: The Enforcer will now have an ‘enforce’ and ‘signconf’ task scheduled per zone. ‘Resalt’ tasks are scheduled per policy. This improves performance and parallelism since no longer all zones need to be evaluated for work to be done. Further parallelism improvements in the Enforcer are on our roadmap.
  • OPENDNSSEC-681: When daemonizing the Signer and Enforcer daemons fork to the background. Since they are then no longer able to print messages to the console startup problems are harder to debug. Now, after the fork() call the parent process will wait for the daemon to signal successful start and will print relevant error messages in case it doesn’t.
  • OPENDNSSEC-479: On sending notifies and initiating zone transfers the signer will now use the first interface mentioned in the listener section of conf.xml. This way the interface selection is not left to the OS, which could cause outgoing packets have an unexpected source address if multiple interfaces have a route to the destination address.
  • OPENDNSSEC-759: The Signer doesn’t need to access the HSM for every zone during startup anymore. This is done later by the worker threads. This way the signer starts quicker and is earlier available for user input.
  • OPENDNSSEC-450: Implement support for ECDSA P-256, P-384 and GOST. To be able to use this your HSM should have support as well. SoftHSMv2 can be compiled with support for these.
  • OPENDNSSEC-503: When adding a new zone to OpenDNSSEC the Enforcer is a little less conservative and will add signatures and keys to the zone in one go. Thereby mimicking OpenDNSSEC 1.4. Effectively new zones are earlier fully signed by the TTL of the DNSKEY set.
  • A bash autocompletion script is included in contrib for ods-enforcer and ods-signer. Commands, parameters, zone names and key identifiers can be autocompleted from the command line.

Further Improvements

  • OPENDNSSEC-530: The tag for the Enforcer in conf.xml has been unused and deprecated in 2.0. since 2.1 this tag is no longer allowed to be specified.
  • Show help for ods-enforcer-db-setup with -h or –help
  • OPENDNSSEC-836: If the listening port for Signer is not set in conf.xml file, the default value “15354” is used.
  • OPENDNSSEC-864: ods-signer didn’t print help. Also –version and –socket options where not processed.
  • OPENDNSSEC-858: OpenDNSSEC 2.0 did print “completed in x seconds” to stderr for enforcer commands. This line is removed.
  • SUPPORT-208: Running ‘ods-enforcer key export’ included a comment string with key properties. This is dropped to aid parsing.
  • OPENDNSSEC-552: By default ‘ods-enforcer key export –ds’ included the SHA1 version of the DS. SHA1 use is discouraged in favour of SHA256. To get the SHA1 DS use the –sha1 flag. This flag is immediately deprecated and will be removed from future versions of OpenDNSSEC.
  • OPENDNSSEC-465: ods-kaspcheck warns about algorithm mismatch between keys.
  • When a zone is deleted the Enforcer now properly removes all tasks associated with that zone from its task queue.
  • In the key section of the kasp.xml file, the algorithm length is no longer optional. For ECDSA and GHOST keys this value is ignored.
  • The Enforcer and the Signer now have a HSM key cache shared between their threads so no longer every thread needs to iterate over all keys, which can potentially be very slow for some HSMs.
  • OPENDNSSEC-721: Our integration testing environment now uses SoftHSMv2 instead of version one.
  • OPENDNSSEC-844: warning when lifetime of key is smaller than signature validity time.
  • OPENDNSSEC-311: Installation can now set the right permissions on used files for a configurable user/group when not running OpenDNSSEC as root.
  • OPENDNSSEC-593: More gracefully cope when zone configured for signer but signconf not yet available.
  • OPENDNSSEC-600: Log critical error if key is not inserted due to policy parameters misconfiguration.
  • OPENDNSSEC-694: Domain Names in the value/answer part of records (e.g. named referred to by PTR records) where mapped to lowercase.
  • OPENDNSSEC-803 : Extensive logging on aborting the application.

Bugs Fixed

  • OPENDNSSEC-778: Double NSEC3PARAM record after resalt.
  • SUPPORT-29: signer clear would assert when signconf wasn’t read yet.
  • OPENDNSSEC-869: ds-seen command did not give error on badly formatted keytag.
  • OPENDNSSEC-849: Crash on free of part of IXFR structure.
  • OPENDNSSEC-601: signer and enforcer working dir would not properly fallback to default when not specified.
  • OPENDNSSEC-689: Failure of daemon during startup is not logged.
  • OPENDNSSEC-850: Date of new transition could temporarily be incorrect.
  • OPENDNSSEC-851: Change in verbosity level not immediately propagated.
  • Various memory leaks, resolving compiler warnings, and static code analysis.
  • Libxml2 cleanup improvements (Thanks he32).


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