OpenDNSSEC 1.3.0rc1

Version 1.3.0rc1 of OpenDNSSEC has now been released.

  • <SkipPublicKey/> is enabled for SoftHSM in the default configuration. It improves the performance by only using the private key objects.
  • Document the <RolloverNotification> tag in conf.xml.


  • Bugfix #221: Segmentation Fault on schedule.c:232
  • Enforcer: ‘make check’ now works.
  • Enforcer: Fixed some memory leaks in the tests.
  • Signer Engine: Coverity report fixes some leaks and thread issues.
  • Signer Engine: Now logs to the correct facility again.

Download the tarball from: opendnssec-1.3.0rc1.tar.gz

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