OpenDNSSEC 1.0a3

The third alpha version of OpenDNSSEC has now been released.

Please go to and get the latest version.


  • ksmutil import key implemented for importing key ID of existing keys
  • “hsmspeed” will test the speed of the HSM.
  • “hsmutil test” will test the HSM against OpenDNSSEC.
  • Changes to the KASP DB, please apply:
    If want to use your old DB:
    sqlite3 <ENFORCER.DB> < enforcer/utils/migrate_090820_1.sqlite3
    Or start fresh (with loss of information. User should remove old keys from the HSM):
    ksmutil setup


  • Better display of null backups (i.e. backup required) in ksmutil list
  • Don’t show historical rollovers in ksmutil list
  • Fix key counting routines so that they all agree
  • Missing SQLite includes in the Enforcer

Known bugs:

  • Signer Engine not starting correctly in RHEL5.
    Use “signer_engine -d” for now
  • “signer_engine_cli clear <ZONE>” crashes on missing files

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