SoftHSM 2.0.0b3

Version 2.0.0b3 of SoftHSM has been released.


  • SOFTHSM-113: Support for Botan 1.11.15
  • SOFTHSM-119: softhsm2-util: Support ECDSA key import (Patch from Magnus Ahltorp)
  • SUPPORT-139: Support deriving generic secrets, DES, DES2, DES3, and AES. Using DH, ECDH or symmetric encryption.


  • SOFTHSM-108: A marked as trusted certificate cannot be imported.
  • SOFTHSM-109: Unused parameter and variable warnings.
  • SOFTHSM-110: subdir-objects warnings from autoreconf.
  • SOFTHSM-111: Include in dist.
  • SOFTHSM-112: CKM_AES_KEY_WRAP* conflict in pkcs11.h.
  • SOFTHSM-114: Fix memory leak in a test script.
  • SOFTHSM-115: Fix static analysis warnings.
  • SUPPORT-154: A marked as non-modifiable object cannot be generated.
  • SUPPORT-155: auto_ptr is deprecated in C++11, use unique_ptr.
  • SUPPORT-157: Derived secrets were truncated after encryption and could thus not be decrypted.
  • Mutex should call MutexFactory wrapper functions. (Patch from Jerry Lundström)
  • Return detailed error message to loadLibrary(). (Patch from Petr Spacek)



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