New partnership between .uk registry Nominet and Swedish company OpenDNSSEC AB (svb)

The Swedish company OpenDNSSEC AB (svb), which is operated by .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation), will receive a capital injection of £35,000 from Nominet, which is in charge of the British UK top-level domain .uk. This will provide additional stability to the operation, which develops the OpenDNSSEC software, as well as support and training when introduced to promote a more reliable Internet.

In collaboration with Nominet among others, .SE jointly developed the free OpenDNSSEC administration tool, which uses open source code, to significantly simplify the implementation of secure DNS, thus making the Internet more reliable. An initial beta version was launched in 2009 and has since been advanced.

The OpenDNSSEC company was formed in 2011 to support other top-level domain administrators in their use of the tool to manage DNSSEC. The company develops the software and offers training and support agreements.

“Nominet’s financial support is valuable to OpenDNSSEC AB in its efforts to develop the software and offer support to other top-level domain administrators who want to implement DNSSEC. OpenDNSSEC significantly simplifies the implementation process and will ultimately entail a more reliable Internet,” says Patrik Wallström, Acting President of OpenDNSSEC.

“It is fitting that as Nominet celebrates reaching 10 million .uk domains, that we are making this investment to protect the continued security and stability of the Internet. We recognise the importance of rolling out DNSSEC as widely as possible and for our own part, we are pleased to have successfully signed .uk at all levels. This investment represents a natural progression of our work as helping other top level domains to follow suit should help to ensure that DNSSEC is implemented more extensively.” says Roy Arends, Head of Research at Nominet.

More about the software and DNSSEC

OpenDNSSEC simplifies the management of DNSSEC, an extension of the Internet’s open directory service DNS, which prevents Internet and e-mail addresses from being manipulated and ensures that they lead to the right online destination. Using OpenDNSSEC, which .SE was involved in the development of, the necessary processes are automated to eliminate the need for manual management.

Under DNSSEC, Internet zones are cryptographically signed. When looking up a domain name, the signature is controlled using a key published by the party responsible for this zone.

OpenDNSSEC is available for free download at:

For more information, please contact:

Patrik Wallström, Acting President of OpenDNSSEC AB (svb)
Telephone: +46 733 17 39 56

Maria Ekelund, Head of Communications at .SE
Telephone: +46 8-452 35 27, +46 70-777 44 87

For Nominet please contact Patrick Yiu at Brands2Life

+44 20 7592 1200

About .SE

.SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) is a not-for-profit public-service organization that acts to promote the positive development of the Internet in Sweden. .SE is responsible for the Internet’s Swedish top-level domain, .se, encompassing domain-name registration and administration, as well as the technical operation of the national domain name registry. Proceeds from domain-name registrations are used to support projects that contribute to the Internet development in Sweden, through proprietary operations and the financing of independent projects. Read more at

About Nominet

Nominet is the not-for-profit organisation responsible for the smooth and secure running of the .uk infrastructure. A public service ethos drives everything we do – we strive to make the Internet an ever more trusted space for everyone who uses it.

As one of the world’s largest Internet registries, we maintain a ‘directory’ of domain names ending, and run the technology which locates the computer hosting the website or email address you are looking for.

Our public purpose is manifest in two principal investments – the independently run Nominet Trust and

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