SoftHSM 2.1.0

Version 2.1.0 of SoftHSM has been released.


  • Issue #136: Improved guide and build scripts for Windows. (Thanks to Jaroslav Imrich)
  • Issue #144: The password prompt in softhsm2-util can now be interrupted (ctrl-c).
  • Issue #166: Add slots.removable config option. (Patch from Sumit Bose)
  • Issue #180: Windows configure script improvements. (Patch from Arnaud Grandville)

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #128: Prioritize the return values in C_GetAttributeValue. (Patch from Nicholas Wilson
  • Issue #129: Fix errors reported by Visual Studio 2015. (Patch from Jaroslav Imrich)
  • Issue #132: Handle the CKA_CHECK_VALUE correctly for certificates and symmetric key objects.
  • Issue #154: Fix the Windows build and destruction order of objects. (Patch from Arnaud Grandville)
  • Issue #162: Not possible to create certificate objects containing CKA_CERTIFICATE_CATEGORY, CKA_NAME_HASH_ALGORITHM, or CKA_JAVA_MIDP_SECURITY_DOMAIN.
  • Do not attempt decryption of empty byte strings. (Patch from Michal Kepien)
  • Issue #165: Minor changes after a PVS-Studio code analysis, and C_EncryptUpdate crash if no ciphered data is produced. (Patch from Arnaud Grandville)
  • Issue #169: One-byte buffer overflow in call to EVP_DecryptUpdate.
  • Issue #171: Problem while closing library that is initialized but improperly finalized.
  • Issue #173: Adjust return values for the template parsing.
  • Issue #174: C_DeriveKey() error with leading zero bytes.
  • Issue #177: CKA_NEVER_EXTRACTABLE set to CK_FALSE on objects created with C_CreateObject.
  • Issue #182: Resolve compiler warning. (Patch from Josh Datko)
  • Issue #184: Stop discarding the global OpenSSL libcrypto state. (Patch from Michal Trojnara)
  • SOFTHSM-123: Fix library cleanup on BSD.



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