SoftHSM 2.0.0a2

Version 2.0.0a2 of SoftHSM has been released.


  • SOFTHSM-68: Display a better configure message when there is a version of Botan with a broken ECC/GOST/OID implementation.
  • SOFTHSM-70: Improved handling of the database backend.
  • SOFTHSM-71: Supporting Botan 1.11.
  • SOFTHSM-76: Do not generate RSA keys smaller than 1024 bit when using the Botan crypto backend.
  • SOFTHSM-83: Support CKA_VALUE_BITS for CKK_DH private key object.
  • SOFTHSM-85: Rename to and prefix the command line utilties with softhsm2-.
  • SOFTHSM-89: Use constants and not strings for signaling algorithms.
  • SUPPORT-129: Possible to use an empty template in C_GenerateKey. The class and key type are inherited from the generation mechanism. Some mechanisms do however require a length attribute. [SOFTHSM-88]
  • SUPPORT-131: Support RSA-PSS using SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, or SHA512. [SOFTHSM-87]


  • SOFTHSM-39: Fix 64 bit build on sparc sun4v.
  • SOFTHSM-69: GOST did not work when you disabled ECC.
  • SOFTHSM-78: Correct the attribute checks for a number of objects.
  • SOFTHSM-80: Prevent segfault in OpenSSL GOST HMAC code.
  • SOFTHSM-91: Fix a warning from static code analysis.
  • Fixed a number of memory leaks.




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